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Contraception In Ancient Greece, Egypt, And Rome

Methods of contraception apply in antique Egypt , Greece , and Rome differed in their nature and degree of prepareiveness . They ranged from scientific method actings that are improve use nowadays to quasi-scientific and barely effective to dangerous and futileIn ancient Egypt , female persons used a mixture of honey and sodium hydrogen carbonate to irrigate their genitalia . A nonher maneuver was a tampon-like intent with battery-acid anhydride . Acid anhydride is thus faraway used as a chief component of present-day(a) contraceptive jellies . Manuscript entitle Ebers Papyrus from 1550 BC , contains an advice rough mixing dates , acacia bark and honey into a paste to be placed the vagina . The effectiveness of this method was considerable for the argue that simoleons ferments were converted into lactic acid , a sperm icide (Chauhan , 2003While about substances that were used did not lose any specific qualities to control a chemical effect on the sperm , `the founding of substances like honey or crocodile dung into the vagina could have in effect blocked a male s semen because of its thick amity (Habiger , 1998 `Pregnancy para . 4Barrier methods were excessively widesp find out : women in ancient Egypt used vaginal suppositories as a method of contraception (Hearthstone Communications , 2007As for men in Ancient Egypt , in kibibyte BC they used framework condoms both to protect themselves from illness (which is believed to be the primary reason ) and avoid having undesired children . Women used celery seed as an oral contraceptive , as a recipe write in the Berlin Papyrus from Egypt s 19th Dynasty (1300 BC ) advices (Riddle , 1999As concerns Ancient Greece , by the 2nd century CE , gynecologist Soranus developed a theory that female birthrate was limited to ovulation period thus far , he do an incorrect assumption that ovulat! ion happened during menstruation , not before it . barely the origins of the rhythm method that is sedate sound nowadays and is turn out to be effective (although not as effective as condoms or other newer methods ) can be traced digest to those multiplication . Soranus as well promoted a variety of ineffective quasi-scientific methods , such(prenominal) as holding the breath and drawing the personify back during the intercourse to prevent the sperm from penetrating the blab of the uterus , jumping backwards seven times after hinge on to dislodge the sperm by , or seance checkmate on bent knees to cause sneezing unluckily , well-nigh advices by Sofranus were not only inefficient barely withal detrimental to women s health , like an advice to drink the urine that blacksmiths used to cool hot metals (Nottingham , n /dSquirting cucumber and pomegranate maneuver were other methods used , and , as recent animal tests read , they had a contraceptive effect (Riddle 1999 While the aforementioned methods are committed to female contraception in Ancient Greece , men were likewise experimenting with some methods of birth control to avoid having illegitimate or undesirable children Aristotle believed that homosexual relations could be regarded as a population control method . Two methods that are still used nowadays and can be described as having a limited degree of reliability were coitus reservatus (withholding interpellation ) and coitus interruptus (ejaculating outside the vagina...If you want to get a near essay, order it on our website:

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